Rotary Brush Cleaning (Standard) 3 Hours

We use highly pressurized air to blow dust from every vent down to our 5000 cfm vacuum which we attach to the air duct system. We then use a combination of motorized brushes and air whips to knock loose thicker debris within the main trunks coming from the furnace. This cleaning is recommended for average sized homes and/or those who have had regular cleanings in the past. This also includes a cleaning of the Furnace ($100 value), as well as our Sanitizer ($100 value) for FREE! Homes with a second furnace will accrue an additional $150 charge.

immaculate Cleaning (Premium) 4 hours

This is our deepest air duct cleaning package and is recommended for homes with extremely dirty vents, for families with serious health concerns, and/or for those with allergies. We use the same methods involved in our the Standard Process, but we also run our motorized, metal-bristled brushes and/or more gentle air-whips down every individual vent all the way down to the main trunks (when possible). This package also includes a FREE furnace cleaning ($100 value), sanitization ($100 value), dryer vent ($100 value), and air exchanger cleaning ($100 value) for total home value! Homes with a second furnace will accrue an additional $150 charge.

Dryer Vent Cleaning 15 MINUTES

We do not perform this service during the snowy months of the year. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Is it taking more than one load for your clothes to get dry? Your dryer vent may be clogged. If you've ever forgotten to clean the lint trap for a couple of cycles, you've seen how much lint your dryer accumulates. This vent inevitably becomes clogged after routine use, but can also become a home for unwanted critters. Call to schedule a cleaning today to increase efficiency and keep your home safe from house fires.

Sanitizer (Included w/ Duct Cleaning) 1 hr

Mold can be costly to both your wallet and your family's health. Our EPA approved Sanitizer works as a preventative measure to mold. It kills bacteria that may be on the vent surfaces. This is highly recommended for homeowners who have had rodent issues. Finally, our sanitizer also eliminates odors and leaves behind a fresh scent that will be carried throughout the home. We typically add this service onto an air duct cleaning to ensure we are sanitizing a clean surface, but this can be purchased solo as well.

Air Exchanger Cleaning 1 hr 30 mins

Air exchangers are a great addition to any home. They take out the stale air from inside the home and cycle in the fresh, outdoor air we all love. The small filters gather dust quickly and can easily be replaced. However, the large solo core filter can be challenging to clean and/or replace for someone without experience.

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